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When Is The Right Time To Invest In Property?

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Right Time To Invest In Property

Well that’s a bit of a tricky one you see due to the property market being the way it is. Due to the fact that people are selling and not as plenty of are purchasing, the prices start to plummet and it becomes a market for buyers – not for sellers. In turn, it is feasible to select properties up for well below what they are worth, which is every property investors dream. Continue reading “When Is The Right Time To Invest In Property?” »

Buying condos in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur condos

The global credit crunch and the sub-prime crisis in the US has prompted investors to look to new markets and Malaysia is one of many developing Asian countries that appears to be benefiting from investment dollars that would likely have gone elsewhere – if not for the fears of a looming recession in the United States and western Europe. The threat of a continuing, long-term downturn stateside could mean Malaysia, and Kuala Lumpur in particular, can expect this extra attention to last for some time yet. Continue reading “Buying condos in Kuala Lumpur” »

Summer specials in Short-term Rentals in Dubai

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Emerald Hotel Apartments Dubai

With the extensive summer heat you may need to find yourself a place to hide for the summer so why not do it in luxury. Dubai Short-term Rentals division has just the answer for you. You can save from AED 750 on a one bedroom up to AED 850 on the two bedroom offering per night at Emerald Hotel Apartments, while Emirates Green Lakes is offering savings from AED 1,500 on published monthly rates to AED 500 on weekly rates. Continue reading “Summer specials in Short-term Rentals in Dubai” »

Urban Sustainable Living Community – On THIS Planet?

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Urban Sustainable Living Community

This green trend continued, because on the drive home we stopped in Westchester County to dine with mutual friends who were excited to share with us that next month they are moving to a lifestyle creation they call “New Urbanism.” – They described the location as luxury condo living tied in with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.   Continue reading “Urban Sustainable Living Community – On THIS Planet?” »

Increase The Appeal Of My Home Quickly

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Appeal Of My Home

There are plenty of ways to add value to your home & make it look loads better, some are expensive. I’m going to speak to you about getting a loft conversion these can be an excellent way of adding considerable value to your home, there is also less to go wrong because you can’t make a loft conversion look out of place when it is in your home are you able to? The work will probably cost around £20,000 but it could at over 25% on your home! This is over of a return to justify spending £20,000 on getting something done! Getting a loft conversion can also he you to receive a speedy house sale. Continue reading “Increase The Appeal Of My Home Quickly” »