Urban Sustainable Living Community – On THIS Planet?

This green trend continued, because on the drive home we stopped in Westchester County to dine with mutual friends who were excited to share with us that next month they are moving to a lifestyle creation they call “New Urbanism.” – They described the location as luxury condo living tied in with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.  

This sustainable living community nestled within a self-contained, personal cocoon of a hilltop village that provides everything you need without having to get in the car and waste precious time and expensive oil. Monarch at Ridge Hill is going to be their new home in the world of modern living, and it really sounds like something from the future that’s ready for prime time. A new version of suburban life, with sophisticated entertainment, shopping and dining – all available within a mini walk through a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. It’s a self-contained city built from the ground up with all the amenities we need to help us get through the day.

Over dinner, we were swirling up brainstorms on how to save the future generations from the doom of a decaying planet. By the time we closed the dessert menus, we were defining and perfecting our patent application for solar powered Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, when a gentleman from the opposite table leaned over to pitch himself as our technical advisor for this worthy endeavor. Turns out he worked over the bridge in New Jersey for EnterSolar, a company that installs, consults, advises and assesses corporate solar energy needs. We instantly cut him in for 26.8% of all profits from future sales of our high end designer shoes capable of walking you home from a tired night, using power they claimed from the sunlight during the day.

Urban Sustainable Living Community

Well, it was a great and fascinating day, and it all took shape from that initial shapeless morning cloud. Sustainable green living, green apartments, new urbanism, solar power – all combining in the blender to make a drink I’d never tasted before, one with new flavors challenging me to savor deeper layers of life as we know it. I saw a view beyond the mirror that only shows me and it was a thoughtful look into a future green world that is not destined to spin down a dead end. Green living does not have to be in a tent with a wind up flashlight. A wonderful sustainable lifestyle can be maintained with green diligence and awareness put into practice, but still embodied by the ongoing self-sustaining luxury that a spoiled brat from the ‘burbs – I refuse to mention my name – is accustomed to.